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Connecting Churches and Creatives.

Churchly provides a user-friendly interface to connect Creatives with Churches for hired work.

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Our Vision

To be the cornerstone of transformative collaborations between churches and creatives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a more meaningful and creatively expressive experience for believers. We do this by connecting churches and creatives to foster meaningful relationships for artistic collaboration.

Features & Benefits

 • Churchly gives Creatives access to gigs posted by churches in their area. Churchly boasts a 5-star rating system that allows users to review each other after a gig is completed. 

Need to boost your rating? Have a Creative in your network talk you up in the community using endorsements!

About Our Business

Are you an artist looking to post gigs? Our recruiter feature allows artists to post gigs without having to sign up as a church! Happy gigging!

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